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Dehydrated Red Bell Pepper

Product Name: Dehydrated Red Bell Pepper
Product Origin: China
PriceTerms: LC/DP/TT
Supply Ability: 500MT/year
Detailed Product Description:

1).Moisture: 7% max.

2).Purity: 100%

3).Particle Size:3/8"

4).Colour:dark red

5).Flavour: characteristic for bell pepper

6).Odour: free from any objectionable odour

7).Aroma: true to type

8)laboratory test

TPC: 200,000cfu/g

Coliform: 1000cfu/g

E-coli: Negative

Mould: 500cfu/g

Yeast: 500cfu/g

Salmonella: negative in 25g


10)Other size: flakes,1/8",1/4",-8+40,-10+40,-16+40,-20+60,40powder,60powder

11).Packed in carton box with double polyethylene inner bag,14kg or 16kg or 24kg net each carton. No staples, wire closures or castrating rings to be used.

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